Q: How do I register my child to play in the league?
A:  Click on Player Registration then fill out the form. A copy will be emailed to you and our Director.

Q: Which division/team should I place my child in?
A:  If your child is 3-12 years old and this is their first experience on a baseball team or with sports, they will be placed in the non-competitive division. If your child is older they will be placed on a team with their same age grouping; that is either Intermediate or Advanced based on ability. Each child is assigned a personal coach (Buddy or Angel in the Outfield) so not to worry they will be taken care of and learn baseball as well as have a great time.

Q: How long are the games?
A: Non competitive: one hour and fifteen minutes or two innings. Competitive Divisions this season we will be enforcing the one hour and 30 minute time limit or three innings.

Q: What shoes should my child wear?
A:  They can wear only regular tennis shoes.

Q: What about uniforms?
A: Once your registration fee is paid or arranged to be paid, the uniform will be ordered and you should have it by the next game.

Q: What about snacks or drinks?
A: Team mom will be assigning each player’s family for one or the other for each game. There is a concession stand at the field where other things can be purchased. NO food or drinks inside the playing field at any time. Water is allowed and provided inside the dugout.


Q: How do I register as a volunteer?
A: Go to the Volunteer page. There are detailed instructions.

Q: How can I volunteer to help?
A: First you need to be registered (see above). Then go to our Calendar and look for events. We always need help at games and fundraisers.


Q: How do I move to another month?
A: In the upper left-hand corner are arrows to scroll back and forth between months. There is also a drop-down menu to select directly.

Q: Why does my calendar not fit on a single page when I print it?
A: The size of the calendar can vary depending on how many events are on it and the settings of your browser. Depending on your computer’s operating system (Windows ME, 95, 98, XP, Vista, MAC) and browser (IE, FireFox, Nestcape, Safari) you should be able to resize the calendar by using your Page Setup function so that it fits on a single page.