Coaches, team moms and parents!

The Monster Truck Show will be held on Saturday March 1 and Sunday March 2 at the Sun Bowl.  I do not have the times as yet but we are given two stands upstairs.  So max for each day, I need 16 volunteers to work the booths.  You must be over the age of 21 as we will be selling beer.  I will need a few people who sign up to go with me to the TABC class.

I will take friends, family members and friends of the friends.  Remember we all have to dress correctly.  Blue Jeans, miracle league t-shirt and a baseball cap.

If you volunteer it must be a commitment as I always get stuck with no shows and it can be quite embarrassing.  I will need someone to take on Saturday for me as the head honcho and Sunday I can be the responsible individual.

If you know of soldiers that would like to do this for us, that would be great.  Please contact me back asap so I can let UTEP know.

Remember if you volunteer you must go.  Also we can not bring our kids to watch the show while we work unless you have paid for a ticket for them.  Sorry!

Sandie Olivar

Executive Director, Miracle League of El Paso and Ponder Baseball