Buddy Responsibilities

“Angels in the Outfield”

  • Safety First
  • Playing Baseball and Having Fun
  • Encouragement

Miracle League Buddies are volunteers ranging in age from elementary school to senior citizens. These include family members, local youth and civic groups. Though we call them Buddies, many people refer to the volunteers as Angels in the Outfield.

The following are the goals for Miracle League Buddies:

  1. To protect the Miracle League player at all times.
  2. When a hard hitter is up to bat, Buddies are to step in front of their Miracle League Player for protection.
  3. Always allow the Miracle League Player as much freedom as possible to play his/her own game.
  4. Assist Miracle League Player according to their needs.
  5. Be of good spirit with enthusiasm, love, good attitude and concern in motivating the players and their families.
  6. Become their friend; get to know the players and their families.
  7. Arrive at field 30 minutes prior to game time.
  8. Be properly dressed and clean in a Miracle League Buddies shirt.
  9. Demonstrate high morals and integrity on and off the field.

Those wishing to volunteer as buddies are required to fill out these two forms: Volunteer Application and a Criminal Background Check Form

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