Dad KidMiracle League will host summer tee ball and baseball on Saturdays during the summer (except for Fourth of July weekend).

If you are a former player and have a uniform that still fits, come out and play with us for free this summer season. For the first few weeks, we will combine teams to play one game. As more players begin to show, we will split it up among the different teams and have a second or third game as needed.

If any new players that you know want to come out, no problem, there is a new player fee of $45 and they will get a uniform.

Let’s have some fun and play America’s favorite game.

Saturday June 18

  • Blue Jays/Phillies vs Cubs/Pirates 9 AM
  • Young Guns/Longhorns vs Rockies/Dodgers 10 AM
  • WhiteSox/Rangers vs Rockies and any other players that want to stay 11 AM

Next schedule will be out Monday.