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Duties as an Angel in the Outfield
The primary duty of an "Angel" is to protect the Miracle League player at all times. When the ball is hit, the "Angel" stands in front of the player until the ball becomes playable. The "Angel" plays side by side with the Miracle League player assisting them in making plays, catching the ball, running bases and hitting the ball. An "Angel" may find they will be pushing a wheelchair or guiding a player with an assistive device (walker, crutches, or braces). Some players prefer not to be touched or require constant attention, the coaches will advise the "Angel" on these instances. An "Angel" will allow the Miracle League player as much freedom as possible, to play their own game. We ask that the "Angel" be enthusiastic, encouraging and constantly aware of what is going on around their assigned player. Players sometimes require constant reminders and guidance. Become their friend; get to know your player and their families before the game. Arrive at the field 30 minutes before each game for instructions. Demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off the field.

Special Notes
For the past two years, the Miracle League of El Paso has made it possible for children with physical and mental disabilities to achieve the same dream as their healthy peers-to play ball. These children get a reprieve from their daily challenges as soon as they step or roll out onto the ball field. Children with special needs are not the only ones who benefit from the action on the field. Through the "buddy" program, youth players and community volunteers collaborate with our players to provide assistance and encouragement. This partnership benefits both sides as they share the great American pastime to find common ground and most importantly, friendships.

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